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        Expanding Our Paradigm of Empowered Birth
        The Birth Power Awareness Campaign was created to rouse
        curiosity and to create conversations about empowered choices for
        pregnancy, birth and beyond.

        The symbol called the,
        "Flower of Life,"  was chosen to serve as a
        conversation starter to raise awareness about this critical period
        shapes the lifelong physical and emotional health of human beings.

        Display a BirthPower,
        Flower of Life symbol to create conversations
        and you will improve the way that human beings are brought into
        this world.

        To find out more about our Awareness Campaign.  
        CLICK HERE
        Become a BirthPower Member!  Join us in raising awareness about
        empowered choices for birth and beyond...  
        CLICK HERE to learn
        more about  a BirthPower Membership
        Visit the BirthPower Marketplace!
        How can I support the Awareness Campaign?
        -Print and display the BirthPower Symbol.
        -Become a member!
        -Support our members, you can find them here.
        Birth Power founder,
        New Jersey Mother of 3,
        Barbara Rivera.
        Learn more
        Browse the BirthPower
        เงินฟรี การพนันออนไลน์มีอะไรบ้าง to find
        products, services, blogs,
        and events which support
        empowered birth choices.
        BirthPower is an Awareness Campaign
        "You never change
        things by fighting the
        existing reality.
        To change something, build a
        new model that makes the
        existing model obsolete."

        ~Buckminster Fuller
        BirthPower is US!